The Hearing – Flip Your Wig by Hüsker Dü

John and Scotto, kick off a Pride month, Bob Mould trilogy with their review of Flip Your Wig by seminal punk and alternative band, Hüsker Dü.



Flip Your Wig on Spotify
Flip Your Wig on YouTube

John’s Best of The Hearing Playlist
Scotto’s Best of The Hearing Playlist
The Playlist of Unoriginality


Author: John

John H Maloney likes to describe himself as a polymath-at-large. He is an accomplished musician, poet and Photoshop artist and podcaster. In addition to co-hosting and producing the b-movie and cult movie podcast Zombie Take-Out (, he's also the creator of the webcomic Irrational Platypus ( Find out more at

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