The “John and Scotto” Show: Role-Playing Games

John and Scotto are, once again, joined by guest host Roberto Suarez to discuss role-playing games.


Expedition –
The Fate Core System –
Free RPGs from Chaosium –
High Rollers DND –
Critical Role –
Shields of Tomorrow –

Roberto’s Links
Twitter –
A Pod of Casts –
Radio Westworld –

John and Scotto’s Links
Zombie Take-Out –
Email –
Twitter –
Facebook –
Instagram –
Google+ –
iTunes (Audio Only) –

Author: John

John H Maloney likes to describe himself as a polymath-at-large. He is an accomplished musician, poet and Photoshop artist and podcaster. In addition to co-hosting and producing the b-movie and cult movie podcast Zombie Take-Out (, he's also the creator of the webcomic Irrational Platypus ( Find out more at

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